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Monday, January 4, 2021

The Dispute Resolution Organization (DRO) exists to serve the insurance industry, and we thank you for visiting our website. Our mission is simple: we exist to ensure our clients recover what they are legally entitled to recover, in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner possible, utilizing the most fair and equitable process possible.

The cornerstone of our process will be the qualifications of the arbitrators that will render all decisions for the cases you entrust to us. We’ve assembled a roster that includes some of the industry’s most highly-regarded, licensed, subrogation-experienced attorneys who are committed to making sure you’ll know which evidence was most compelling, how any applicable laws or statutes or codes affected the outcome, and most importantly, provide you with a detailed, well thought out, and sound overall decision rationale. Why? Because when a decision comes back, you have an important person you need to communicate the results to… your policyholder.

We will also offer you a more fair and equitable appeals process. Clink on the About Us link, or review the Arbitration Process Rules document, to learn more. We think you’ll agree, this is what an appellate process should be.

DRO has developed the industry’s first truly paperless case submission process. Others have followed suit, but our continues to be the most state-of-the-art in the industry. Enter your data online, and electronically attach your evidence. The case materials are made available to the arbitrator via an embedded-in-the-email link. They then electronically submit their ruling. The results can be viewed online, literally, seconds after they’ve be rendered, and you can access them via the link embedded in the email notification you receive as soon as that decision is finalized.

Our technology will impress you. Our integrity, quality, client service, and passion for subrogation will make us an indispensable partner of yours. That’s where our excitement comes from.

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