The Dispute Resolution Organization company tagline is “When Decision Quality Matters Most”.  It should serve as more than just a catchy phrase to signify we specialize in high-dollar matters.  It should give the users of our process pause to think about which venue they can count on most when our tough economic times dictate the industry’s need to diligently put their best foot forward, and make every effort to put themselves in a position to recover those valued subrogation dollars, not only for themselves, but for their insureds as well.  On a high-dollar recovery opportunity, a $500 or $1,000 deductible might seem insignificant… unless you’re the insured who stands to recoup it.

For those who choose to utilize our process to resolve those cases in which the involved parties cannot mutually agree on a settlement, we’ll strive to provide the following for every case that is brought to our service:

  • Quality decision explanations
  • Expeditious turn-around times
  • Process intuitiveness

If a decision explanation simply reads, “The Plaintiff, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx proved its allegations 100% against the Defendant, xxxxxxxx.”, and you’re that Plaintiff, needless to say, you’re happy, and with all due respect, probably couldn’t care less why you prevailed, only that you did, and a sizeable check is forthcoming.  If you’re the Defendant, and now required to pay out $10,000, or more, that kind of decision explanation rationale is insufficient at best.

All decisions rendered by the attorney-arbitrators utilized by The Dispute Resolution Organization will include three distinct sections with detailed explanations in all of them.  First, a detailed write-up of the evidence considered and which of it was most compelling in arriving at a final determination.  Secondly, a section reserved for the explaining of how a cited law or statute was considered and/or affected the arrived-at outcome.  And lastly, an overall decision rationale that promises to leave the parties informed as to exactly why the attorney-arbitrator ruled the way they ruled.  You won’t be left scratching your head, asking yourself what you failed to prove, or what the other party actually did prove.

Process guidelines will determine the earliest a case can be heard.  From the date a case is submitted, the Defendant party has 30 calendar days to defend against making a payment by submitting their rebuttal argument.  If that’s all the Defendant is looking to achieve, the case will be assigned to an attorney-arbitrator on Day 31 (sooner if the Defendant replies quicker).  If the Defendant replies by also submitting a counterclaim, the original Plaintiff, by Rule, is given 10 calendar days to amend their original argument.  On Day 11, the case is sent to an attorney-arbitrator for ruling.  Because time-value-of-money can be a treasured commodity, our process strives to provide results faster than the industry is accustomed to.

The process was designed in such a way that even the least-experienced subrogation representative will feel comfortable utilizing its features.  We start by using your email address as your login ID, and carry throughout the application a simplicity of filling in blanks, copy-and-pasting allegations if previously developed in Word (as many in the industry have indicated they do), to electronically attaching your evidence.  No more copying and mailing documents where they then have to be somehow attached to your submission before being shipped off for a decision to be rendered.  Police report in .pdf format?  Damage photos in .tif file?  Transcribed eyewitness statement in a Word document?  Three mouse clicks and your evidence is permanently part of your case submission.  Unlike other services, evidence is viewable throughout the process by all involved parties.

Quality decisions, timely, utilizing an intuitive process.  Those are the benefits of using The Dispute Resolution Organization’s application. is proudly powered by WordPress