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The Dispute Resolution Organization, as the name implies, was created to service the insurance industry in the areas of alternative dispute resolution.  Notice it says areas, more than one.  Although we’ll initially offer an online, completely paperless, arbitration process for high-dollar matters that we feel deserve the highest quality in decision rendering, we’ll soon expand into the realm of mediation for cases that require that as their avenue-of-choice.

But first, arbitration:

A common complaint heard throughout the industry for many years has centered on the quality of arbitration decisions.  In the world of arbitration, everyone understands that one of four things is sure to happen: 1) you’ll win some, 2) you’ll lose some, 3) you’ll win some you probably thought you’d lose, and 4) you may lose some you thought you’d certainly win.  Most will accept whatever the outcome, as long as the decision is explained in a manner that is logically and legally sound.  A decision that merely states that one party “failed to prove” doesn’t satisfy the users’ need to understand why their argument did not prevail.  It also puts an undo burden on the claims adjuster who needs to reach out to their insured and explain why their deductible is not coming back to them.  It adversely affects customer retention.

The process will utilize licensed, subrogation-experienced attorneys to render all decisions.  Their explanations as to why one party prevails over another will be extensive, and include their thoughts on which evidence was most compelling and why.  They’ll also determine which applicable laws were, or should have been, cited and the impact they had, or could have had, on the outcome.  And lastly, an overall decision rationale that’ll leave the user of our process with a clear understanding as to why, and how, the outcome was arrived at.

Another industry need that must be met is that of providing a completely paperless, online process.  From initial case submission, to a one-page listing of damages sought, to the ability to attach evidence electronically, the process is intuitive, yet amazingly functional.  The case is entered online.  All notifications are communicated via email (including having all communications from The Dispute Resolution Organization being sent to a single email address if that is the user’s preference).  Cases are forwarded to the decision-rendering attorney(s) electronically.  Their decisions are entered online, the decision outcomes are posted online, and email notifications are sent to acknowledge the decision has been rendered.

The process also offers a more legally proper appeals process.  Should a party feel strongly enough about their case to warrant an ‘appeal’ of the original decision, the case will first go through a hearing de novo.  The case will be heard “as if anew”.  If the hearing de novo decision materially alters the outcome, either party can initiate a true ‘appeal’… at no additional charge.  In an appeal the panel of three attorney-arbitrators will evaluate the original decision, the de novo decision, and the appellate briefs the involved parties are entitled to submit.  This is what an appellate process should be.

Arbitration is different than a court of law in many respects, and for good reason.  But the process should resemble as closely as possible the quality and correctness adversaries deserve when significant dollars and customer loyalty are at stake.  We’re in difficult economic times.  When every dollar matters most, when decision quality matters most, we hope you’ll choose The Dispute Resolution Organization because of its ethics, its quality, its timeliness of process, and its technological advances that make its use easy.

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